Expert Witness and Forensic Engineering Investigation

AMOG’s strong industry credentials and expertise in designing mooring and riser systems for floating production systems, design verification and audits, interpretation of Metocean data, model testing, structural design, hydrodynamics, naval architecture, and system safety engineering, enables AMOG to undertake complex failure investigations. Over the years, AMOG Consulting has been engaged as an expert witness for a variety of engineering legal cases.

AMOG can be engaged as an expert witness and undertake investigations relating to:

  • Premature Failures from Extreme Events, Fatigue or Mechanical Damage
  • Failure of Offshore Structures
  • Fluid Loading and Motion Analysis of Fixed, 
Compliant and Floating Structures
  • Hydrodynamics of Multi-Body Systems, 
including Interaction Effects
  • Design and Fatigue Analysis of Offshore 
  • Failure of Ship Structures
    • Hull Design and Sea Keeping
    • Strength and Fatigue Endurance of Ship Structures
    • Hydrostatic Stability
    • Cargo Securing Systems
    • Damage to Ship Hulls and Structures due to Ship Collision
  • Failure of Mooring Systems
  • Failure of Riser Systems
  • Failure of Offshore Pipelines
  • Legal
  • Legal and structural