The Smart Mooring Integrity Checker (SMIC) system detects mooring line failures even in benign conditions, giving indication of a mooring line failure before a potentially damaging storm condition comes through the field. SMIC achieves this using proprietary machine learning algorithms to understand and describe the underlying mooring system behaviour without the need for complex numerical models of the hull and mooring system. Once this understanding is achieved by SMIC, it can predict the system performance in the prevailing environment and compare this to the measured performance. A difference in predicted performance to the measured performance is an indicator of mooring line failure. Click here to read more about why you should use a smart system to monitor mooring integrity.

The SMIC Dashboard can be customised for your company, with the addition of a logo and company asset names. Authorised stakeholders can then access SMIC monitoring of multiple company asserts via single secure web access.

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