AMOG has specialist skills and experience with the Work Health and Safety (WHS) regulations governing Major Hazard Facilities (MHF). We provide all aspects of MHF Safety Case development, safety and risk assessments, consequence modelling, and independent reviews and audits. AMOG has provided expert advice and safety engineering services working on MHF sites since 2006, with a broad range of experience. We have well trained senior safety specialists with detailed knowledge of State specific and Commonwealth regulatory requirements (and interpretation) and approval processes and are known to regulators as qualified MHF assessors.

In addition to knowledge of legislation and well developed processes for MHF license applications and renewals, AMOG has proven capability in major accident event consequence modelling and Qualitative Risk Assessments (QRAs). AMOG continually engages with MHF state regulators. Specifically, we are known in Western Australia and understand the regulators specific interpretation of the MHF regulations well.