Hazardous Area Classifications (HACs) are conducted on areas where potential dangerous concentrations of flammable gas, vapours or dust may accumulate.  These are susceptible to the risk of explosion when an ignition source is introduced.  Therefore protective measures must be taken by ensuring adequate ventilation and determining the extents of these areas to prevent the introduction of ignitions sources.

AMOG has specialist skills and experience in HACs.  AMOG staff meet AS/NZS 4761 requirements with appropriately nationally recognised competencies.  AMOG has extensive experience in Hazard Areas Classification in mining, manufacturing, process, Major Hazard Facilities and Defence.  These classifications are carried out in accordance with the relevant Regulations and Standards, such as the AS/NZS 60079 series of Standards.

Specific HAC services include:

  • Site Inspections and Field Surveys of Hazardous Areas
  • Risk Assessment Workshops
  • Development of Classification Plan Drawings
  • Hazardous Areas Analyses in Accordance with Current Standards
  • Compliance Audits

In complex cases, AMOG has the ability to conduct gas, vapour and dust dispersion modelling to allow the ability to establish the extent of complex areas.  Furthermore AMOG can undertake blast modelling as part of the Hazardous Area Classification to demonstrate instances of "high ventilation."