Safety Management

Organisation and Project Safety Management

A Safety Management System (SMS) is core to any Safety Program and fundamental to providing evidential support to any safety case claims. The importance of a comprehensive SMS, as a significant element of delivering safe systems, is reflected in both Offshore Petroleum Regulations and contemporary supporting standards. As well as setting a foundation for any safety claims, an SMS provides the basis for ongoing operational safety management activities, and is an important part of ensuring continued compliance with safety objectives. It also fulfils the need to demonstrate continuous improvement.

AMOG can help with the implementation and operation of a SMS and can assist in:

  • Defining Policies and Plans
Developing Safety Guidelines, Procedures and 

  • Defining Safety Policies and Processes 

  • Defining Roles and Responsibilities
  • Nurturing the Safety Culture (Employee Involvement)
  • Legislative Compliance Claims
  • Defining Safety Critical Elements and Performance Standards
  • Verification Schemes
Integration of related Risk Management Activities

Integration of Safety into Change Control Processes
Producing Hazard Tracking (Registers/Logs)
Incident Reporting and Investigation
  • Auditing and Measuring Performance
Employee Competency and Training
Constructing Safety Management Plans
Safety Case Documentation Production
Emergency Response Plans
Quality Assurance

AMOG has extensive experience in establishing Safety Management Systems, Auditing for compliance or for continuous improvements, or managing day-to-day safety operations. AMOG can offer:

  • On-site safety manager / safety expert
  • Off-site safety support and expertise
  • Independent verification and review
  • Independent Safety Assessor (ISA)
  • Auditing and Compliance
  • Regulatory Liaison Management