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What is LGS? 

Longitudinally Grooved Suppression (LGS®) technology was developed by AMOG Technologies Pty Ltd. It is a surface geometry which reduces Vortex-Induced Vibration (VIV) response, and therefore overall drag, in slender structural elements in current flows.

The inspiration for the LGS® comes from biomimetics and was modelled on the large saguaro cacti. The previous wind tunnel testing hypothesised that the shape of the cacti was an evolutionary selection factor due to the lowest drag shapes surviving high wind speeds.

LGS® is a registered trade mark of AMOG Technologies Pty Ltd and has 3 patents pending.


Awards and Recognition

AMOG's ground-breaking LGS® technology has won numerous awards.

In 2016, AMOG Technologies received a High Commendation at the Australian Engineering Excellence Awards (Vic). Later in 2016, AMOG's Prof Andrew Potts and Dr Hayden Marcollo were awarded the AIRG Medal for Australasian Technical Innovation by the Australian Innovation Research Group. In 2017, AMOG was awarded the Maritime Australia Civil Industry National Innovation Award, which was presented at the Pacific 2017 conference by The Hon Christopher Pyne MP.


AIRG Medal Presentation