Congratulations to AMOG's own team "AMROCK" on being awarded 3rd prize in the Unearthed Newcrest Crowd Burn Your Bridges Challenge. In addition to the funds awarded, the team will be meeting with Newcrest for an engagement workshop to see how their project may be progressed.

Unearthed and Newcrest Mining have stated that they were "blown away by the quality and diversity of not only the winning solutions, but of all 26 submissions received from 150+ global participants from METS companies, technology startups, return hackathon participants and community members, plus one planetary science team."

The challenge posed was: Reduce the impact of rock bridges at the Newcrest Mining Telfer crusher.

For Newcrest, the Western Australian mine site's top priority is to keep operations going without major interruptions. After planned maintenance, rock bridges were the single biggest issue; preventing more ore moving through the crushers. For one single site like Telfer, the accumulated losses due to rock bridges can regularly surpass $10m per annum.  A rock bridge is when rocks form a “bridge” over the crusher, preventing further rocks from falling in. These bridges are generally due to two reasons: oversize material (rocks that are physically too big for the crusher aperture) and “jigsawing” (when rocks basically lock together and form a bridge).

Once the crusher is bridged, the process is as follows:

  1. Dispatch stops all trucks from delivering dirt to the crushers
  2. Crusher control turns on the red light to ensure trucks are aware not to tip
  3. One of two 30t excavators is mobilised to the crusher


More than 26 teams formed to propose a solutions, tackling the problem through elimination, prevention, prediction, an improvement in response time after the occurrence or other means.

For Newcrest, the aim was to identify the top solutions and engage with the right team(s) to implement a solution on site.

Team AMROCK presented a number of "golden bullets", a multi-facted approach, to Newcrest to tackle the problem. Building a scale model of the dump pocket and crusher inlet, AMOG;s solutions included dump pocket condictioning, modification to the crusher inlet and spider arm, an oversize detection system, and blast efficiency improvement using machine learning.

AMOG would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team: Kanishka Jayasinge, Nicholas can de Pas, Daniel Johnstone, Liam Hewitt, and Richard Shedlock, as well Paul Sincock and Adrian Eassom, on their 3rd Prize win.

Build Your Bridges Team AMROCK