AMOG can assist mining equipment designers and operators with the management of machine integrity through all stages of the plant life cycle. We undertake advanced Structural Engineering analysis of assets and equipment ranging from bulk material handling machines, conveyors, tunnels, tanks, silos, pipelines and support structures for plant equipment. Using state of the art analytical packages, AMOG can design and assess complex structures and components requiring non-lineal solutions.

Through the application of advanced structural and dynamic analysis techniques, the reliability and production of equipment can be improved, replacement intervals for machine components extended, and the remaining life in aged equipment assessed and potentially extended.

AMOG offers the following analyses and services for the management of mining equipment integrity:

  • Linear and nonlinear Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Load Duty Assessments
  • Load case and spectrum definition
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Life Extension Studies
  • Pushover Analysis
  • Joint Cracking / Fracture Analysis
  • Strength and Fatigue Assessment to AS4324 and other codes
  • Steel wire rope life optimisation
  • Risk evaluation and assessments
  • Plant Integrity Reviews (PIRs)
  • AS4324 Appendix K Structural Design Audits
  • Failure Investigation / Root Cause Analysis
  • Computer based training of machine operators
  • Instrumentation of machine dynamics